How may we prepare your steak?

We at MAREDO grill your steak the way you like it. Whether English, Medium Rare or Well Done. Which gradation do you like best? Find out!

Platzhalter nicht löschen

Shortly roasted, dark red and very juicy.

In English, this cooking level is also called “very rare”. The inside is completely raw and has a juicy red colour. On both sides the steak has a thin, browned crust due to the short browning.


Bloody inside and still almost raw. For connoisseurs.

The meat juice is dark red and inside the steak is very juicy. When pressure is exerted on the meat, there is hardly any resistance. At MAREDO your steak will be served in English on a hot stone on request.

Medium rare

Grilled to the point. Well browned on the outside and beautifully juicy on the inside.

The steak connoisseur likes to call medium rare “a point” (cooked to the point). Inside the meat is pink to red. On the outside the crust is a little more intense due to the longer time on the grill. The meat juice coming out of the steak when cut has a dark red colour.

Platzhalter nicht löschen

Red meat core and dark brown crust. The most popular gradation.

Probably the most frequently chosen grill degree for steaks. If the steak medium is grilled, it has a juicy red colour on the inside, but is already covered by a strong brown crust. When the steak is pressed, it feels much firmer now.

Medium well

Almost well done and strong in bite.

Only a small core of the medium well steak has a pink colour. Other than that, the steak’s almost completely grilled. From the outside the meat is strongly browned.

Well done

Completely roasted steak. Completely brown color inside.

The meat is well cooked and will not yield when pressure is applied. The colour in the core is now brown to grey.

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